Coming out of stressful times, Level 2 will allow us to meet again!

A few more days, or weeks, and you will be allowed to receive a massage treatment or naturopathic assessment and help for your body and mind. The clinic will be open for you, in safety, insuring you to be supported without running risks.

It has been and still is a very interesting and challenging time. It has been hard from this side not to be able to offer support, for your back pain, neck pain, your physical fatigue or your stress. I am sure the wholeness of your person is in need of some care-taking now and re-connection among all its parts.

You can book your treatment now, and as soon as I am allowed to practice, you can receive your service!

This is how I have been preparing, following the government new health and safety guidelines:

when you book, I will send you a questionnaire that you will need to fill and send back before coming to the appointment

you will be asked to wash your hands before entering the clinic; I will do the same, as usual, before and after treatment

we will have to wear a face surgical mask during the whole visit

you will be kindly asked to drop your clothes in the provided bin and leave any loose personal effects (phone, wallet, purse, keyes, sunglasses, jewlery etc.) on the table outside

I will clean and disinfect all surfaces between appointments

Thank you for understading and helping create a clean and safe environment for treatments.

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