Not just a massage

Lomilomi is a form of body touch and treatment that carries a lot of ancient wisdom in it. It used to be part of a set of healing practices to lead the patient to health and recovery from illness and trauma. What remains to us, in most of the western world, is the touch of Aloha, of love and caring. No cleansing, no fasting, no prayers (only some, sometimes!), no herbal treatments are now usually part of a normal Lomilomi session. When you receive a Lomilomi, however, it is not only a physical experience but, through the touch–of-love, you are accompanied to reach different levels of awareness: of your body, your muscular contractions, malfunctions, limits in your movements that you did not know you had; but also of your mental blockages, history of pains, locked emotions that weigh on and in you.

If you participate actively to the treatment, i..e refrain from talking, stop the mind chatter and instead feel and listen to the experience and all the sensations it arises, you can be part of the ‘flow’ that the practitioner enters in. ‘Flow’ as the fully-immersed doing and giving, in complete presence of mind and heart, fully conscious and deeply present but effortless. If you can participate to this condition of ‘flow’ as Mihaly Csikszentmihaly describes it (Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, 2008), you will enter a state in which constant worries and frustrations of everyday life will be removed, and at the end of the session you will raise into a higher sense of self. That is the power of Flow.

I’ve experienced changes in people’s physical and mental state after a session of Lomilomi, and even if they are not completely aware of what has happened or his happening to their body and mind, they feel ‘different’, better, more ‘relaxed’, they described sometimes having had dreams and visions, having sunk deep. Someone say: ’this is not just a massage’!

And it is not, it is much more.

If you received a Lomilomi and would like to share your impressions, you can add a comment.

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