The king mineral keeping us in shape

From bone health to mental health, from PMS to weight, so many actions...

Last Sunday I participated to a scientific international conference in Auckland and was reminded of very important facts on health and diet.

The conference was centering on the often-observed unbalance of acid-base levels in blood and body and how this leads to defects in metabolic reactions (more than 600 have been found so far to be managed by magnesium) and thus to disease.

Professor Vormann from Germany and Dr. Rachel Arthur from Australia reminded us of the connection between an acidic blood and many conditions, or higher risks to fall into conditions like: diabetes 2, loss of bone density and osteoporosis, arthritis, intensity of pain from arthritis, low back pain, migraine, PMS, high cortisol and stress, low thyroid function, loss of muscle mass, tendonitis, kidney fatigue and disease, ageing of skin and other connective tissue and more.

The scientific results from around the world also speak of the central importance in magnesium in the acid-alkaline balance of the body and the connection between lack of magnesium and risk of cardiac attack, coronary heart disease and calcification of arteries, PMS cramps and migraines, high blood pressure in pregnancy, depression and anxiety, cognitive impairment in the elderly.

Magnesium is in fact central for at least 600 metabolic reactions, it is used to produce ATP, the energy molecule, DNA, proteins, it is necessary for building and maintenance of skeleton and muscles, it helps control blood sugar content, it is fundamental for the brain processing, for release of neurotransmitters … So if we are low in Mg all these functions would be affected.

Magnesium and acid base balance in the body are coming often hand in hand and an increase in acidity causes the loss of magnesium.

The body has its own mechanisms to control the acid-base balance but modern diets have an enhanced load of acidic component and people tend to eat too many proteins and grains (flour, pasta, breakfast cereals, pizza, cakes, cookies etc. – which are acidifying) and less vegetables, pulses and fruits (alkaline).

As a result,

more people are getting prone to chronic diseases that derive from such an imbalance.

Furthermore, the use of certain medications, like proton-pump inhibitors, antibiotics, aspirin, contraceptive pill increase the LOSS of magnesium, such an important mineral on our body.

Supplements can support our health when either diet, mal-absorption or excessive excretion lead to such acid base and mineral imbalances.

Basica is a compounded supplement that lowers the acidity of your body and leads to diminished pain and improved joint function in arthritis, improved loss of weight and fat, enhanced athletic performance, improved bone density and muscle mass, better stress management.

Magnesium Diasporal is a well-measured and tested supplement of magnesium that comes in a form (citrate) well absorbed by the body. Use of this supplement has a positive impact on metabolism: pain as in arthritis, back pain, PMS cramps, headaches is decreased; depression, anxiety, bone density are lowered; need of cardiovascular disease medications is lessened; arrhythmia is improved; risk of diabetes 2 is lowered; mortality from cardiovascular issues, cancer and all mortality compounded are decreased.

You can find Mg Diasporal and Basica supplements at the Puravita studio or at a special price this Sunday October 22nd at the market in Ngunguru.

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