The golden healing plant

Ginger is one of the amazing herbs that support our health in a natural, safe and efficient way. It also helps the work of other herbs and nutrients, as it has the ability to help absorption of such remedies into the body and their distributions to the different organs.

According to science, ginger opens blood vessels, stimulates the heart and thins the blood. It is also efficient as anti-clotting agent, preventing platelets to stick together in arterial walls. So overall, it is a good protector and helper of the heart and blood circulation. This should be enough to make it the most used herb by the majority of the population! But it does not end here. At all.

Ginger can also lower cholesterol in the liver and the blood. Is not this an attractive property?

Cholesterol is excreted out of the body when one has a high-cholesterol diet. It needs to be taken over a long period but it works! – although it is not as strong as garlic in this respect.

Ginger has unique effects on the gut; it can prevent motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. It assists in protein digestion by supporting their break down through the presence of the enzyme protease and also by helping a more complete digestion and absorption of other foods. It is strongly antibacterial and antioxidant and heavily inhibits bacteria in the colon, preventing gases.

Ginger can treat viral fever, i.e. the fever we get with most colds, and against which antibiotics (1) are TOTALLY useless.

What I find is that people mostly use dried ginger or bagged ginger. There is however a large difference between the effects of dried ginger towards fresh ginger.

Dried ginger is the hottest, most pungent and spicy; it is used to support digestion, metabolism, blood flow. It is used for cold hands and feet, chills, poor digestion and weak circulation.

Fresh ginger instead is warm and aromatic, and works more on the surface of the body. It activates sweating, release toxins, improve circulation of the periphery. It is used in aches and pains, rheumatic conditions, headaches and some skin problems.

Thus for lowering cholesterol as well as for digestive issues dried ginger is more indicated, while for first signs of colds and flu, as an anti-inflammatory remedy fresh ginger is your best choice.

However, beware of ground ginger, usually used in tea-bagged ginger, as this can be easily adulterated with substances like flour and chalk. It can also be full of fungi and bacteria.

(1) As for antibiotics, they only fight bacterial infections and cannot do anything against viruses that cause flu and they only create stronger and more resistant bugs. Using antibiotics in most circumstances of flu is not recommended. Heavy use of antibiotics has created highly resistant bacteria in hospitals and outside of them, to the point that human are loosing their weapons to fight bugs that cause many types of infections. Since there is not much economic convenience in selling antibiotics, the pharmaceutical companies have not been investing in researching and finding more and stronger antibiotics in the past 20 or so years. This goes without mentioning the effects that antibiotics carry into your gut, killing ALL bacteria, including the several billion ones that make of your gut your best defense weapon against all infections. In extreme cases of high propensity for serious respiratory conditions or in elderly people with a lowered immune system, antibiotics are used to prevent worsening of infections. In such cases, it is a mistake to NOT complete the treatment since an only partial dosage (fewer days than recommended) can kill only some of the bacteria while the remaining ones will get tougher and will resist a future suppression when needed.

Comparatively, medicinal herbs, that have been used effectively for thousands of years, are strongly antibacterial and antiviral and do NOT cause any side effects to other organs of the body. They are our safest and more holistic choice for a good immune system, along with a good nutrition that provides the right amount of proteins and fats, minerals and vitamins that help prepare the army of fighters that make up our immune system.

For those who are suffering from colds and flues, I also recommend the freshly made potions that contain Echinacea and other herbs that help fight the infection. These potions are safe for all, and since the dose is carefully and individually prepared and measured by age, they are good even for the youngest ones! Call for inquiry or purchase.

Dr. Fulder Stephen, 1993Ginger, the ultima home remedy, Souvenir Press.

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