Beach Breathe

Beach Breathe, an outdoor workshop!

3 meetings on the beautiful beach of Matapouri to re-learn to properly breathe to:

- improve lung capacity and breathing efficiency,

- treat pack pain and correct posture,

- calm the mind and handle stress,

- improve digestion and blood circulation

The meetings will include a brief chat on the beach to explore:

  • anatomy and physiology of breathing

  • Chinese and Indian medicine re-breathing

  • stress, insomnia, acid reflux

  • essential breathing techniques

  • foot reflexology

After the 10 minutes chat we will practice:

warm-ups, stretches, targeted exercises for breathing muscles to get ready for the:

breathing demonstration and practices. There will be sitting and walking practices.

A 3 day training and practice,

Wednesday 9/3, Friday 11/3 and Wednesday 16/3

at 7.30 am on Matapouri beach, for 1 hour.

10 $ per session, minimum 3 people.

RSV by March 4th if interest, at

What to bring: loose clothes, water bottle, towel or sorong and cushion to sit on beach, bathing suit if you want to finish practice with a swim!

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